Wireless Charger & Dimmable Night Light 10W Fast Wireless Charging Station with Colorful Bedside LED Mood Lamp

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RGB LED table lamp with Qi wireless charging base

  • Eye-friendly, non-flicking and natural, it provides a glare-free, uniform and more natural light source
  • 7 colors temperature and adjustable brightness to get the right light for your surroundings
  • USB charging port, charges your smart phone via wireless charging technology
  • Efficient LED lights, uses 75 percentage less energy than incandescent lamps while providing better lighting
  • Adjustable arm and head, optimal lighting from any angle
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Product Details

RGB LED table lamp with Qi wireless charging base:

Basic Information
Input: 9V1.67A/5V 2A Output: 9V1A/5V 1A
Frequency: 105-205Khz
Conversation efficiency:72% above
Charging Distance:6mm
Power: 10W/7.5W/5W
Fast Charge & Standard Charge
To activate the fast charge function, you must follow the below:
1. Use QC (Quick Charge) 2.0 or 3.0 adapter.
2. 4-Core USB cable with input>1.8A
3. Your phone model must support wireless fast charging function, otherwise it will be standard charge.
LED Indicator
Red Power on
Blue light flashes from bright to dark - Charging
Blue light-Charging completed Red flash Metal material being found, please remove.
Night Light Working Modes:
(1) One touch on the top turns on the monochrome warm light mode. The brightness level can be adjusted by Sliding finger up and down the arm of the night lamp.
(2) The second touch will turn on the colorful mood lights (NOT Dimmable for this mode), you can choose the color with the third touch and it will be back to mood lights mode by another touch. (3) Long-Touch will turn off the LED lights.
(4) The Night Light can work with wireless charging function together under any modes.
1.The charging process could be unstable if using the no-standard adapter, cable cord or power wire. Type-C 4 cable cord and QC adapter (with output DC 5V-5.5V, 2A) are recommended for this device. 2.For a better charging speed and experience, phone case is suggested to be removed if it uses metal or magnetic material or its thickness is>6mm. Remove protective cases to ensure effective charging. Using Your device while charging or misaligning the device and charger may cause higher temperatures.
Made in China

More Information
Color White
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