Single Line Telephone Set

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Single Line Telephone Set

  • 3-Station One Touch Dial
  • Redial Memory (Last Number)
  • Electronic Volume Control (6-step)
  • Switchable Tone/ Pulse Setting
  • 3-Step Ringer Volume (Off, Low, High)
  • Mounting on the wall
  • Power supply: Phone line
  • Weight: 520 g
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5.50 KWD
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Product Details

Single Line Telephone Set KX-TS520FXW:


The Panasonic KX-TS520FXW is a single-line telephone set designed for basic telecommunication needs. Here's an overview of its description, features, and specifications:


  1. Design:

The KX-TS520FXW typically features a compact and simple design, suitable for both home and office use.

  1. Keypad:

Equipped with a standard keypad for dialing numbers and navigating through menu options.

  1. Redial Functionality:

Provides a redial function, enabling users to quickly call the last dialed number.

  1. Speakerphone:

Speakerphone function for hands-free communication, though this feature might not be available in all models.

  1. Wall Mountable:

Designed to be wall-mountable, offering flexibility in placement options to conserve desk space.

  1. Compatibility:

Compatible with standard analog telephone lines, making it suitable for use in regions where such lines are prevalent.

  1. Power Source:

Powered by an AC adapter or through the telephone line, ensuring continuous operation.

  1. Additional Features:

Include additional features such as adjustable volume controls, mute function, and programmable memory for storing frequently dialed numbers.

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Brand Panasonic
Color White
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