HDMI High Speed 2m Cable With Ethernet- DLC-HE20HF

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HDMI High Speed 2m Cable With Ethernet- DLC-HE20HF


HDMI to HDMI 2m cable
High speed with ethernet
hdmi high speed /hec
hdmi high-definition multimedia interface
high speed hdmi cable with ethernet
blu-ray disc recorder, etc.
Tv, his projector, etc.
High speed hdmi cable dlc-he20hf

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Product Details

HDMI High Speed 2m Cable With Ethernet- DLC-HE20HF:

LDMI terminal (Wa pin, TypeA connector) HDMI terminal (19 pin, TypeA connector)
Ethernet Channels Audio Return Channels
Supports 3D video/4Kx2K resolution Compatible with all HDMI (Type A connectors)
Main features
A single cable can transmit high-precision digital video signals and high-quality digital audio signals.
In addition to digital video signal full high definition (1080p), 4Kx2K resolution and 3D video are supported.
・Digital audio signal
Multi-channel (also supports surround sound) Supports HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC)*
Allows you to share an Ethernet connection via an HDMI cable, mediating with Levi, etc.
Supports Audio Sataso Channel (ARC)
Audio data received by the tuner of the TV can be sent to AV audio with just an HDMI cable.
The uniquely developed metal shield-zel structure achieves high shielding performance. Prevents the influence of external noise
24K gold-plated plug for high reliability and durability
is required.
Connection example
Blu-ray disc recorder with HDMI output terminal, etc.
TV, projector, etc. with HDMI input terminal
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