Magnetic Suction Phone Holder Aluminum Alloy

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Magnetic Suction Phone Holder Aluminum Alloy


Sturdy aluminum alloy design Sturdy construction that doesn't vibrate even with 11-speed gears.

Super strong magnetic holder Aluminum alloy strength design

The magnetic mount maintains a constant magnetic force and does not interfere with the signal.

11-step angle adjustment without vibration

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The Magnetic Stand-96 is designed for paramagnetic bead precipitation from standard 96-well, U-bottom microplates and 0.2 mL PCR plates with no additional accessories. The stand has a white polyoxymethylene (POM) base in standard SBS 96-well microplate footprint. The use of 24 extremely strong permanent magnets guarantees easy and fast magnetic separation in as little as 30 seconds. It sits flat on a lab bench as well as in a microplate adapter on robotic workstations.

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