Iqos 3 Duo Iqos Machine Kit

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Iqos 3 Duo Iqos Machine Kit


Iqos 3 duo.
One of the advanced heating systems with stylish design.
Heating reduce 95% less harmful chemicals than cigarettes.
Light indicator along with 2,900 mAh internal battery.
You can smok up to 35 sticks for the fully charged battery

Age: +21

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Iqos 3 Duo Iqos Machine Kit:

Holder: 14.42 mm in diameter, 92.27 mm in height
Pocket Charger Dimensions: 46.3 mm in width, 22.88 mm in depth, and 114.68 mm in height

Excellent! The material is great, although a bit heavy. Provides about the same quality hit as IQOS 3.0 does.

Exact same exterior as IQOS 3.0, however DUO comes in a few new colors and finishes, such as the limited edition chrome Traveler Exclusive that we got. 

IQOS 3 DUO Box Includes:
Holder: The apparatus that uses a highly controlled heating blade to heat the tobacco
Pocket Charger: Charge and keep your holder on the go
IQOS Cleaning Tool: Use to keep your holder in top condition
Cleaning Sticks: from IQOS – Each kit contains 10 cleaning sticks for a quick and easy deep clean.

To charge your Pocket Charger, you’ll need a USB-C cable and an AC power adaptor.

  • With two consecutive uses from one charge and our fastest charging holder to date, it’s always ready for you.
  • Feel easy with the ProtectPlus™ System’s robust outer shell for shock resistance and stress-tested door openings for durable performance.
  • charge light indicator
  • IQOS doesn’t burn tobacco, it emits 95% less harmful chemicals than cigarettes
  • Battery capacity 2900 mAh
  • Battery life – charger aprox. 35 HEETS
  • Charging time: 75 minutes


  • you should charge the device for the first time for 2 hours.
  • when the device is fully charged it could be used to smoke 25 stiks.
  • the IQOS LIL 2.0 can not be used more than 3 time within 18 minutes as it would be in need for cooling down. it will rest for 3.3 minutes before ability to use it again.
  • it’s better to clean the device after smoking 20 sticks
  • Don’t clean the device directly after use, it will be very hot.
  • Keep the device clean and cleaning tools away of any liquid
  • be kind and gentle while using the cleaning tools with the device. you might break your device while cleaning
  • be careful while you clean the device, sometime the brush tool becomes sharp and might hurt yourself
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